Junk seller by day, student by night

On our sunrise photo trip to Gadisar lake, I met Bharat and his friends. They were just setting up an early morning store under a tree, where they a sell a variety of interesting stuff you won’t find in tourist markets- block printing patterns set in wood and stone and metal junket animals and jewellery in old silver. It was a pretty sight to see them quietly arranging those items on polythene sheets on a raised stone platform, located left to the old sand colored walls surrounding the lake, now awash by the mellow sun. I chatted with Bharat to find out that he is in fact a student of polytechnic and everyday after attending the shop until lunch he hands over the same to his friends and goes to attend his classes.

Gadisar lake at dawn
Gadisar lake at dawn
Gadisar at dawn
Block print patterns
Junket bells
Bharat's friend
Bharat’s friend
Not stones, but livelihood

 “Aapne abhi tak shadi nahi ki? achha kiya. Ajkal jaldi shadi karke kya hota hai. ladkiyon ko toh padhna chahiye. Aap aur padho agey”


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